The OEC aims serves persons and organizations that develop and need high-quality materials for teaching and learning about ethics related to science, engineering, technology, and research, including:

  • instructors and faculty in higher education at varying levels of familiarity with teaching ethics,
  • students at the undergraduate and graduate level,
  • postdoctoral scholars,
  • professionals and practitioners, and
  • academic administrators.

Because international issues are important for all of these groups, the site also serves the needs of (1) American scientists and engineers working, teaching, and/or collaborating across borders and (2) the many students, postdocs, and faculty in the United States who come from other countries. The site also supports populations who are underrepresented in scientific or engineering fields.

International scholars working outside the United States, leaders in professional societies, thought leaders and interested citizens, pre-college students and teachers, public and informal science educators, and corporate compliance officers may also find the site to be useful.

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