User's Guide To The OEC

The enhanced Online Ethics Center (OEC) has four major sections—Resources, Topics, Fields, and Community—and a Glossary.


All OEC resources are in this section and most can be searched by type, topic, field, or other information  (e.g., year, author/contributor) (while the site is still in Beta, resources are being categorized, so some items don’t have type, topic, or field terms assigned to them). Selecting type, then topic, then field, will narrow your search. 


OEC materials are classified in three searchable categories—Controversies, Ethics and Society, and Research and Practice—with extensive lists of searchable terms.


OEC resources and announcements are categorized in six field areas:

Life and Environmental Sciences
Computer, Math, and Physical Sciences
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Research Ethics
International Ethics

OEC Editorial Boards in each field help find and review material.


The OEC site is designed to engage and serve those who promote learning and advance the understanding of responsible research and practice in engineering and science. This page provides biographies and links to the materials of persons and organizations that have contributed to these goals. Many have been involved with the OEC or CEES. Persons wishing to join the OEC community should send a biographical sketch and request to The requests should indicate why they wish to join and how they believe they can make a contribution to the OEC.  

A Community Feed announces events, developments, and new members and resources posted to the site. The Projects page provides information about current activities of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine that address ethics issues in science and engineering.


The glossary provides substantive definitions of concepts and terms commonly used in engineering ethics, with links to related topics, materials, and professional societies and organizations. The definitions are searchable and written to be accessible to a broad audience. If you would like to submit or revise a term, please let us know at

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