Submitting Materials to the OEC

The OEC invites submissions of high-quality ethics education resources in the areas of engineering and science, including the social sciences, for review and inclusion in its collection. Resources can be submitted via the OEC Resource Submission Form.

We invite resources that

  • describe or demonstrate active learning or successful use in a class, workshop, or other educational context;
  • are developed as part of research projects or collaborations with colleagues;
  • are developed as part of an NSF-supported ethics research or education project;
  • are based on ethical challenges faced in the work of scientists and engineers;
  • are single, stand-alone resources;
  • are suites of materials, compiled from many resources or curricula;
  • are freely available; and/or
  • engage students and practitioners in understanding and discussing ethical issues in the sciences and engineering.

Resources should be designed to engage one or more of the key audiences of the OEC, assisting them to understand and act responsibly with respect to the range of ethical issues associated with a topic or real-life situation. Key audiences for the OEC are undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and instructors in higher education, postdoctoral scholars, professionals and practitioners, and academic administrators. The site has a special interest in assisting faculty new to teaching and learning in science and engineering ethics as well as in serving and supporting populations who are underrepresented in scientific or engineering fields.

The OEC is particularly interested in materials for the social, behavioral, and economic sciences, life and environmental sciences, and mathematics and physical sciences as well as interdisciplinary materials. Also needed are resources that examine ethical issues that arise in international settings or from cultural differences, ethics and society, and social responsibility in science.

Current OEC resources include case studies, lesson plans, teaching notes, essays, descriptions of educational activities, assessment tools, videos, syllabi, and bibliographies. The various types of materials collected on the site are described at the Resource Collection Plan page.

Submissions should include a brief description of the resource, a copy or online link to the resource, and a brief explanation or demonstration of how the resource has been successfully used in a learning environment. If possible, include an image to go with the resource (please ensure that it is available through open access or has the proper permissions for OEC posting). OEC staff and content Editorial Boards will review the submissions.

Feel free to be creative! Fill out the OEC Resource Submission Form to get started, and contact us at with any concerns or questions. We will try to provide a timely response.

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