Resource Collection Plan

The OEC collects resources in the following areas. We welcome submissions that have appropriate permissions to allow them to be shared with OEC users.

Case Studies

These include hypothetical/fictional, historical/nonfiction, technical cases, minicases, open-ended cases, role-playing cases, and moral exemplars. Some include commentaries by experts in science and engineering, explaining the specific ethical issues and providing guidance for handling them.


With guidance and review from the OEC Editorial Boards, the OEC posts selected white papers or essays on ethics issues in areas of science and engineering.


Bibliographies are organized by topic with links to the full text or its source. Many are annotated. More resources are available in the Ethics Education Library.

Topical Collections

Smaller and more specific topical collections of resources help users find resources on specific areas of interest.

Assessment Tools

Qualitative and quantitative assessment tools, such as pre- and post-tests, surveys, and interview protocols and results, are provided for assessing the teaching and learning of ethics.


Information about full-length feature films, video clips, documentaries, podcasts, software, and applications that can help students and practitioners explore issues.

Online Courses

Descriptions of and links to open source online courses on ethics and social implications of engineering, science, and research.

Instructor Materials

Resources such as lecture notes; syllabi; lesson plans; and pedagogical notes on strategies and approaches for teaching ethics in science and engineering are available for instructors with varying levels of familiarity and experience with ethics education.

Educational Activities

Descriptions of educational activities or programs that can be used to recreate or enhance programs at your institution include courses, institution-wide programs, online activities, service learning programs, multiyear programs, public engagement efforts, train the trainer activities, and exercises, assignments, or modules.

Websites and Organizations

A variety of websites or organization webpages that have resources that may be of interest to OEC users.

Events and Presentations

Presentations and videos of events on ethics in science and engineering are posted here.

Codes and Policies

This section has links to relevant honor codes, government policies, and international declarations and standards as well as many current professional codes and policies on ethics in science and engineering. Some records link to the Codes of Ethics Collection run by the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions at the Illinois Institute of Technology, which hosts the full text of both the current and past versions of many codes. The IIT Center and Ethics Education Library received an award in 2015 to expand and enhance this code collection.

Published Works and Texts

The OEC selects published texts to serve as OEC Subject Aids and Teaching Aids. Access to and information about additional published items are provided through our Bibliographies collection and through our partner website, the Ethics Education Library (EEL). The EEL has an extensive bibliographic collection of 15,000+ published articles, case studies, and teaching aids on ethics, including ethics related to engineering and the sciences. The OEC collection also includes reports and workshop summaries of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

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