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Ethics Codes and Guidelines
  • Ethics Codes and Guidelines
    Includes guidelines and codes of ethics from scientific and engineering professional societies from several countries, as well as essays on the topic. Some are available in Spanish.

Responsible Research

This section reflects the Online Ethics Center's long commitment to furthering knowledge and discussion of research responsibilities both individual and social. It contains cases, discussions, guidelines, and regulations bearing on (1) the responsible conduct of research (RCR), including both issues of research integrity and issues of the treatment of the research subject; and (2) researchers' social responsibility, including for the implications of their work and for engaging and communicating with the public.

Research conditions described in the cases, scenarios, and dramatic readings range over a variety of disciplines, from engineering and computer science, the physical, life, and social sciences to medicine.

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  • A variety of other resources related to the responsible conduct of research
  • Cases, scenarios and role plays, some with commentary, focusing on problems arising in a variety of research settings. Some are designed for audiences of students or other trainees. Others are designed for departments or laboratories including research supervisors and technical staff.
  • Essays, articles, and student projects concerning research ethics, authorship status, and issues of trustworthiness.