Essays on International Engineering Ethics

Essays on Engineering Ethics education and experience in Portugal, France, and with respect to the North American Free Trade Agreement.
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  • Added05/29/2006


    By Christelle Didier. According to Didier, a historical investigation suggests that the profession of engineering in France was not an organized one. This "scattering" of the profession has led to the absence of a discourse representative of French engineers. Ultimately, Didier argues, professional ethics as a discipline has been underdeveloped in France.

    Year 1999
  • Added05/29/2006


    By Paulo M. S. Tavares de Castro. After a concise description of the author's institution, this article describes the education of engineers and the profession of engineering in Portugal. In particular, Tavares de Castro considers the role of the Portuguese professional association of engineers, Ordem dos Engenheiros, and outlines several of his experiences in addressing ethics topics in engineering education in Portugal.

    Year 2006
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