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Essays, articles, and student projects concerning ethics in engineering practice and in a corporate environment.
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    This is an excerpt (Chapter 20) from the book Engineering in Context edited by Steen Hyldgaard Christensen, Bernard Delahousse, and Martin Meganck. This section, authored by Erik Fisher and Clark Miller, explores the embedding of participant-observers from the humanities and social scientists within engineering laboratories in order to help engineers become more aware of the broader context of their work.

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    This paper examines several types of professional liability with regard to engineering activities and products and its relation to the concepts of professional negligence and product liability as defined in law, particularly in the United States. Elements of tort liability discussed in this paper reflect societal expectations for engineering practice and engineering products. The paper first examines the basis for legal liability for general tortious conduct and then specifically examines the concepts of professional 'malpractice' (professional negligence) and strict liability for products in the United States.

    Author(s) Steven P. Nichols
    Year 2006
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    This paper briefly describes cases of engineering failure with which the author has become familiar in his practice as a consultant and expert in construction defects lawsuits, and other engineering failures in the published record, in order to expose students to the concept of the engineer's standard of care.
    Author(s) Joshua B. Kardon
    Contributor(s) Joshua B. Kardon
    Year 1999
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    moral change, metaphysical change, Charles Harris, slavery, religion, sexual preferences

    This set of pages comprises a sample lecture that might be given to an audience of engineering students on the topic of the importance of ethical behavior in the engineering profession. Text for slides, an annotated bibliography and several examples of engineering ethicspledges and oaths are also included. The talk was prepared by the authors for the Ethics Committee of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Washington, DC.

    Year 1999
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