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Roger Boisjoly-The Challenger Disaster



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Year 1987
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Rally Peer Support

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What is the situation that Boisjoly faces now? He has presented his case. NASA has acted in a way that was unprecedented in Boisjoly's experience. They have put the burden of proof on those who belived it was risky to fly rather than on those who felt it was safe to fly. Fearing that NASA will not continue to make Morton Thiokol the sole contractor for the Solid Rocket Booster program if they insist on holding back the Challenger flight, management has reversed the decision made by engineering. Boisjoly doesn't have the hard data that he has been requesting since last summer and which is now needed to prove that low temperature is a major contributor in hot gas blow-by, and his job appears to be at stake. He has had over a year to work on the joint problem and in that time ten shuttle missions have flown successfully. Is there anything else that can be done at this point?

Answer: Rally peer support.

This is a desperate and totally unexpected turn of events. You could use support to figure out what if anything can now be done to stop the flight. However, there is very little time, and you may have trouble contacting anyone this evening. Probably only those who were at the meeting will have any sense of what happened. Most of them did not speak up in support of you and Arnie Thompson, so there is little reason to believe that they will support further action.

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