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Essays, articles, and student projects related to legal concerns and ethics in the workplace.
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  • Added12/07/2011


    This article by Nathan Khal was originally published in the CEES Ethics Column in November of 2009. It describes the Koror-Babelthaup Bridge collapse and the difficulties encountered by engineers attempting to examine the records for useful lessons. It highlights issues of confidentiality in failure investigations and the right scientists and engineers to examine documents that have been sealed by litigation.

    Author(s) Nathan Khal
    Year 2009
  • Added10/05/2006


    In this student project scenario, an employee objects to working on a federally-sponsored corporate project to develop parts for use in a new weapon. Interviews with employees in various companies reveal a diversity of responses to this problem.

    Year 2006
  • Added05/23/2006


    business, essays, engineering, whistleblowing, moral change, guide, ieee history, ethical behavior, codes, slide presentation

    This set of pages comprises a sample lecture that might be given to an audience of engineering students on the topic of the importance of ethical behavior in the engineering profession. Text for slides, an annotated bibliography, and several examples of engineering ethics pledges and oaths are also included. The talk was prepared by the authors for the Ethics Committee of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Washington, DC.

    Author(s) Joseph H. Wujek
    Year 2006
  • Added05/23/2006


    engineers, ethics, public safety, problems, trust, design and process, codes, code violation

    By Philip Koopman. In this essay, Philip Koopman discusses the perils of presenting problems to management, and offers concrete suggestions and advice on how best to proceed in such a situation. This essay was originally published as part of a series on ethics and engineering by the SSIT Ethics Committee of the IEEE.

    Author(s) Philip Koopman
    Year 2006
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