Group Mentoring in Responsible Research

A modular sequence of activities in the responsible conduct of research for faculty, trainees and staff

These Web resources for exploration of issues in the responsible conduct of research among students, faculty, postdoctoral fellows and research staff have been greatly expanded under grant PHS-NIH# T15 AI07592 A Modular Short Course in Research Ethics.


See the Introduction unit below for detailed explanations for the methods used in the presentation of these modules, including a discussion of the background, main method, and variations, as well as sample scenarios and questions, excerpted from Caroline Whitbeck's "Beyond Adversarial Ethics: Web Resources for Solving Problems About Research Conduct" presented at the 2000 Sigma Xi Forum.


As well as the Introduction, the list below contains the index pages for modules on different topics, a list of general RCR-related readings, and a unit containing all the supporting pages referenced and linked in the indexes and lists. Please note that the supporting pages are best accessed through the individual mods.

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