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Antibiotic Resistance and Dual Use



Author(s) Daniel A. Vallero
Contributor(s) Daniel A. Vallero
Notes This material is based on a discussion in D.A. Vallero (2010). Environmental Biotechnology: A Biosystems Approach. Elsevier Academic Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. An annotated presentation entitled amp;quot;Humility and Hubris in Science: The Rewards and Risks of Emerging Technologiesamp;quot; serves as a companion presentation to this case. The presentation can be downloaded in either PDF or Power Point format.
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Year 2010
Publisher provided Keywords BIOLOGY Emerging Technologies humanities MEDICINE MILITARY ethics PHYSICS public safety SCIENCE
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Team Challenge

The following material suggests a potential "dual use" for drug-resistant bacteria.  Such uses (beyond mere scientific inquiry) could pose a threat to human safety and well-being.  Many other examples of dual-uses for new technology also exist.  Take a couple minutes to share each member’s expertise that is available to the group. Each member should read the following discussion, skimming the sections not directly related to your research interests (but trying to get some sense of the importance). For example, if your research is steeped in physics, you should help your group understand the salient facts about aerosols and why they may influence this case. If your research is more biomedical, you should give insights about this. If social sciences or humanities, you should provide this expertise. After reading, decide on important facts, uncertainties (including asking for more details), and possible meaning. Then answer the questions at the end.

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