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Product Reliability, Hazard, and Risk



Author(s) Joseph H. Wujek
Authoring Institution Zachry Department of Civil Engineering-TAMU Ethics
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Authoring Institution (obsolete) Texas A&M University
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Year 1995
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    Safety involves freedom from danger. The term safety is often used loosely and without particular specification. A home may be thought of as safe for some residents and not others. Similarly, a workplace or other organizational setting may be safe for some employees, etc., and not others. A ...

    Author(s) Rachelle Hollander
    Authoring Institution Online Ethics Center
    Year 2016
  • Added01/22/2018

    It is common to distinguish four species of privacy: physical, informational, decisional, and psychological/mental privacy. In addition, philosopher and legal theorist Anita Allen (2003) distinguishes dispositional privacy. Physical privacy is a restriction on the ability of others to experience a ...

    Author(s) Kelly Laas
    Authoring Institution Online Ethics Center
    Year 2017
  • Added01/19/2018

    That which is done or communicated in trust is confidential. Confidential information is information entrusted to another. The implication is that, for some reason, such as personal privacy or competitive advantage, the person entrusting this information does not wish others to know. Thus ...

    Author(s) Kelly Laas
    Authoring Institution Online Ethics Center
    Year 2017
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