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Year 2016

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Next Steps

Next Steps


  • The purpose of this section is to increase the chances that workshop participants will actually carry out some of what they have learned in this workshop.
  • Depending on institutional culture and your preferences as an instructor, this concluding segment may be more or less directive in its outcomes.
  • One approach, based on the content below, is to challenge participants to take 3-5 minutes to jot down a list of things they will try to do next, including target dates for completion. For many reasons, these ideas might be very preliminary (e.g., review some of the resources on the following pages before deciding which if any of the approaches to adopt) or very specific (e.g., spend 5 minutes in each of the next 6 monthly journal clubs to discuss one of the elements of the relevant professional code of conduct)
  • Also, please keep in mind your own evaluation of the workshop on the day it is conducted. A sample evaluation form is appended at the end of this document. You should of course modify the form based on your particular workshop plans. Because it may be useful to workshop participants to keep a copy, you may want to do as we did which is to leave the sample form at the end of the syllabus and print a separate copy to be completed by workshop participants on the day of the workshop.

Before concluding the workshop, we would like to meet two final goals.


First, for the benefit of all participants, it would be valuable to hear what steps, if any, you plan to take now. Please use the space below to jot down some ideas of what you are considering, and perhaps a realistic timeline.


Next Steps                               Target Date


Second, we want to conclude by ensuring that you have a network of peers to share ideas and experiences. Some of these peers can of course be the people in this room. However, you can also find some useful connections as well as many other useful resources at:


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