Integrated Network for Social Sustainability Network
Anthropology Department, UNCC 9201 University City Blvd Charlotte North Carolina 28223 USA
Main Contacts
Nicole Peterson Associate Professor of Anthropology

The INSS works to encourage a greater appreciation for social aspects of sustainability with a particular focus on engineering and its allied professions. At heart, we see sustainability as an integrated concept, rather than as separate environmental, economic, and social sustainabilities, in that each of these elements is inseparable from the others. Social elements remain underappreciated in this model, and we work for greater inclusion of these in planning and practice. Many of these are linked to ethical issues of research, development, or other activities.

The INSS exists to create opportunities for dialogue and collaboration through conferences, working groups, and other opportunities.

We also maintain an online space for sharing resources and ideas.

We build connections among diverse people and groups struggling with sustainability-in-practice. We created this network to short circuit this process. We want to put those of you engaging with social sustainability in dialogue with one another to accelerate the rate at which we all understand this important aspect of sustainability more fully.