Fordham University Center for Ethics Education Academic Ethics Center
441 East Fordham Road, Dealy 226 Bronx NY 10458 United States
Phone 1(718) 817-0926
Main Contacts
Celia Fisher Marie Ward Doty University Chair In Ethics, Director, Fordham University Center for Ethics Education, Director HIV/Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute, Professor Psychology

Center Mission

Fordham University's Center for Ethics Education was established in 1999 to contribute to Fordham’s commitment to cultivating lifelong habits of critical thinking, moral reflection and articulate expression. In this era of increased need for ethical discourse in academic, professional, and public spheres, the Center activities draw upon theological, philosophical, scientific and other areas of inquiry to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and scholarship on moral values and ethical issues of contemporary social import. The Center embodies the University's commitment to intellectual excellence by offering educational and research opportunities and public programming enriched through moral values, religious concerns, scientific and scholarly study, and active engagement in creating a caring and just world.

Founded as an interdisciplinary, cross-university unit, the Center sponsors national conferences, professional workshops, and ethics seminars that create synergy among scholars, scientists, religious leaders, community advocates, industry leaders and policy makers for exploring rigorously and respectfully grounds of individual and collective moral thought and action. Through its funded research programs (including the Fordham HIV and Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute), the Center provides opportunities for faculty and students to engage in empirical and theoretical study of ethical issues in health care, science, and public policy. The Center’s academic programs (including the Master's Program in Ethics and Society, Graduate Certificate in Health Care Ethics, and the Undergraduate Minor in Bioethics) affirms the complementary roles of faith and reason drawing upon courses in theology, philosophy, social and physical science, law, economics, political science, business and other fields to provide multidisciplinary education to advance the common good.

Center Vision

The Center’s mission is organized around three interacting motifs concerning ethical problems and possibilities for the dawning of this new century. The interdisciplinary synergy of the Moral Responsibility, Global Ethics, and Responsible Science motifs extends Fordham University's national and international role in finding new means for reanimating social hope and trust and creating languages to articulate the dignity of human persons across philosophical, cultural, and religious differences.

Through the convergence of these three thematic motifs the Center opens opportunities for scholars, scientists, religious leaders, community advocates, and policy makers for exploring rigorously and respectively grounds of individual and collective responsibilities for social and global justice and solidifies in the world-wide search for principles and strategies of transitional justice, repair, and conciliation in the wake of institutional and scientific exploitation, political violence, terror, or oppression.