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  • 2016 CNS-ASU Winter School Call for Applications

    PostedWednesday, October 7, 2015 AT 5:52 AM

    The Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University (CNS-ASU) will hold its fourth annual Winter School on the Anticipatory Governance and Responsible Innovation for Emerging Technologies from January 3-10, 2016.
  • 5th World Conference on Research Integrity

    PostedFriday, April 15, 2016 AT 8:05 AM

    The 5th World Conference on Research Integrity will explore the challenges of promoting transparency and accountability in research and the consequences of the failure to do so, with the overall goal of developing an evidence-based agenda for addressing the various lapses of integrity that seem to have become an endemic problem in research today.
  • A Roundtable on Ethics, Privacy, and Research Reviews

    PostedFriday, June 17, 2016 AT 11:26 AM

    The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and the Ohio State University's Program on Data and Governance invite you to a roundtable discussion of ethics, privacy, and practical research review in corporate settings that will be held on Tuesday, June 14, 2016, at FPF (1400 Eye Street, NW #450) from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT. This roundtable is an important extension of FPF's December 2015 workshop, "Beyond IRBs: Designing Ethical Review Processes for Big Data Research," supported by the National Science Foundation and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  

    This timely event, which follows the White House's call to develop strong data ethics frameworks, will convene corporate and academic leaders to discuss ethical review processes in corporate settings. We will hear from key representatives from AT&T; Facebook; Iowa State University; Ohio State University, Mortiz College of Law; ...

  • Advanced European Bioethics Course in Ethical Issues in Human Genomics and Big Data: The need for Responsible Research and Innovation

    PostedWednesday, November 25, 2015 AT 10:06 AM

    March 14-18, 2016 Nijmegen, the Netherlands Keynote Speaker: Prof. dr. Peter Paul Verbeek Professor of Philosophy of Technology and Co-Director of the DesignLab of the University of Twente
  • Annual Growing Research Integrity Together Conference

    PostedTuesday, May 3, 2016 AT 1:23 PM

    2nd Annual Growing Research Integrity Together Conference

    When: June 29-July 1, 2016
    Where: Featheringill Hall, Vanderbilt University

    The Vanderbilt University Medical Center Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society is holding its 2nd Annual Growing Research Integrity Together Conference (June 29-July 1, 2016 in Featheringill Hall).  

    The conference will include 3 days of workshop-style learning, presentations from experts, institutional leaders & other research and education professionals to build partnerships to support research integrity, including guest speakers Dan Vasgird from West Virginia University and Roseann Luongo from Harvard.

    A free train-the-trainer session will be held at the end of Day 3.

    Early registration is $250 (through 5/21) -- Vanderbilt folks who pay by 1180 will receive a $25 discount per registration. Regular registration is $300 (through ...

  • PostedThursday, April 18, 2019 at 10:36 AM
     APPE's 29th Annual Conference will be held at the
     Sheraton Atlanta Downtown Hotel 
     February 20 – 23, 2020 
    Annual Conference – Association for Practical and Professional Ethics
    The 29th Annual Conference will be held at the Sheraton Atlanta Downtown Hotel  February 20 - 23, 2020 The 29th Annual Conference is open to Association members as well as nonmembers and welcomes persons from various disciplines and professions for discussion of common concerns in practical and professional ethics.
  • Association for Practical and Professional Ethics Annual Conference

    PostedFriday, October 20, 2017 AT 9:58 AM

    The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics announces the 27th Annual APPE International Conference Thursday March 1 - Sunday March 4, 2018 at the Chicago Palmer House Hilton. The conference program features multiple tracks.

    APPE was founded in 1991 to encourage high-quality, interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching in practical and professional ethics. Members and conference participants enjoy connecting and networking with people in their own fields and related fields who share an interest in applied ethics. The Annual Conference helps Association members and nonmembers from all disciplines stay up-to-date on scholarship, pedagogy, and professional strategies in applied ethics.

    Click here for Submission Guidelines

    The submission deadline for all categories is October 27, 2017

    Programming and special events provide great opportunities for professional development. 

    For ...

  • Call for Applications: European Foundations Award for Responsible Research & Innovation

    PostedWednesday, October 7, 2015 AT 7:16 AM

    Do you know about innovative scientific research that successfully aligns with the needs of society? Does it contribute responsibly to the development of a smart, inclusive and sustainable society? The European Foundations Award for Responsible Research & Innovation invites researchers to share their responsible research project and receive €20.000!
  • Call for Nominations: AAAS Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award

    PostedWednesday, June 28, 2017 AT 10:27 AM


    The award recognizes scientists or engineers or their associations whose exemplary actions have fostered scientific freedom and responsibility. Such achievements can include acting to protect the public's health, safety or welfare; focusing public attention on important potential impacts of science and technology on society by their responsible participation in public policy debates; or establishing important new precedents in carrying out the social responsibilities or in defending the professional freedom of scientists and engineers.

    While some of the awardees have risked their freedom and even physical safety by their actions, others are honored for activities that demonstrate their devotion to the values most honored in the scientific community. Additionally, although some award winners are distinguished scientists or scholars, this is not a ...

  • Call for Papers: 10th International Conference on Applied Ethics: 'The Past, Present, and Future of Applied Ethics'

    PostedFriday, April 15, 2016 AT 8:16 AM

    Call for Papers
    10th International Conference on Applied Ethics:

    'The Past, Present and Future of Applied Ethics'

    Dates: October 28-30 (Fri–Sun), 2016

    Hosted by the Center for Applied Ethics and Philosophy (CAEP)
    Hokkaido University (Sapporo, Japan)

    We invite papers written towards the conference theme in applied ethics, broadly construed, that address philosophical, political, economic, social, and cultural issues in applied ethics.

    This includes, but is not limited to: meta/normative ethics, bio/medical ethics, engineering ethics, ethics of science and technology, information ethics, research ethics, environmental ethics, business ethics, professional ethics, feminist/gender/sexuality ethics, philosophy of sex, political philosophy, moral psychology, and international/global ethics.

    Confirmed speakers include:

    • Ruth Chadwick (Manchester)
    • Michael Davis (Illinois Institute of Technology)
    • Peter G. Stone (Newcastle)
    • Stephen Ward (British Columbia)


  • Rachelle HollanderSenior Advisor of the Center for Engineering Ethics and Society Rtd.National Academy of Engineering
    Call for Vignettes: Ethics, Data, and International Research Collaboration

    PostedFriday, October 20, 2017 AT 9:22 AM

    The International Research Collaborations Working Group (I-Group) of the National Academies’ Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable (GUIRR) is hosting “Data Matters: Ethics, Data and International Research Collaboration in a Changing World”, to be held March 14-16, 2018 in Washington, DC. The I-Group is seeking input from the community in the form of case studies, research vignettes, or illustrative examples that will aid in identifying ethical issues in the collection, sharing, curation, access, and use of data in any of a variety of research and data collection contexts.
  • CITI Program moves to the Biomedical Research Alliance of New York

    PostedMonday, May 9, 2016 AT 9:53 AM

    The Biomedical Research Alliance of New York (BRANY), a national organization providing research support services, has acquired the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida. 

    BRANY was founded by four leading academic research institutions in the New York City area in 1998. Our acquisition by a like-minded organization will allow CITI Program to grow while still maintaining its commitment to quality, affordable research ethics education and training for all members of the research team. CITI Program’s mission will continue to be to promote the public’s trust in the research enterprise, by fostering integrity in the research community through its line of investigator-, student-, and administrator-focused e-learning tools and products.  

    The CITI Program is the leading global provider of online research ethics education content and opportunities. As such, it is a perfect ...

  • Ethics Assessment of Research and Innovation

    PostedTuesday, June 20, 2017 AT 3:37 PM

    The International Conference on Sustainable Development Goals: Actors and Implementation will be held on the 18th and 19th September 2017 in Barcelona.

    This conference aims to create a permanent and multidisciplinary knowledge network on the implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs), where all stakeholders will learn from each other: universities, governments, cities and public and social agencies.

    There will be a parallel session dedicated to RRI: “Responsible Research and Innovation: a new concept for a new society?”.

    The conference will feature more than 40 speakers from around 20 countries who will exchange knowledge, ideas, experiences and expectations relating to the challenges involved with the SDGs. Through a combination of keynote presentations by renowned experts, round tables and parallel sessions, the conference seeks to open a debate among the different stakeholders on solutions for a sustainable ...

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