Mohammad Hosseini
Mohammad Hosseini
PhD researcher Dublin City University
Joined OEC on 08/14/2017
Mohammad works as a PhD researcher on the EnTIRE project. He acquired a Master’s degree in Applied Ethics from Utrecht university. During his graduate program, he had successful collaborations regarding scientific authorship practices with several international research groups including PRINTEGER and METRICS. His academic interests include studying codes of conduct in terms of comprehensibility for users, publication ethics, moral analysis and virtue ethics.
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    PostedThursday, October 26, 2017 at 9:46 AM
    EnTIRE project is aimed at building a dynamic online Wiki-platform that makes the normative framework governing Research Ethics and Research Integrity (RE+RI) accessible. Owned by the research community, this platform will make practical information on how to comply with EU, national and discipline-specific RE+RI standards and legislation easy to find and understand. For more information check:
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    The EnTIRE consortium consists of ten partners from across the European Union. Our vision is to create a dynamic online Wiki-platform, owned by the research community, that will make the normative framework governing Research Ethics and Research Inte ...
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