Kathleen Eggleson
Kathleen Eggleson
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine Indiana University School of Medicine-South Bend
Joined OEC on 04/07/2016
Dr. Eggleson is a biomedical scientist pursuing global health interventions, an educator, and an ethicist specializing in emerging technologies and STEM macroethics. Current particular interests include antimicrobial interventions, stakeholder engagement, and the practices of responsible innovation in the earliest stages of biomedical research and development. Dr. Eggleson's current work on sponsored ethics education projects includes leadership of the four university collaborative research project sponsored by the NSF CCE STEM program, Comparison of Communications across Campus Cultures (4C Project): Toward Evidence-Based Customization of Learning Experiences for CCE STEM (with K. Haas of Saint Mary's College, R. Foley of University of Virginia, and A. Sunda-Meya of Xavier University of Louisiana) and a PI role on the collaborative research project Ethics Education in Life Cycle Design, Engineering, and Management, led by Northeastern University (M. Eckelman, C. Bosso, J. Isaacs, and J. Basl.) She earned her Ph.D. in Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis from Washington University in Saint Louis.
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