Ainissa Ramirez
Ainissa Ramirez
Scientist and Author MIT Press
    Ainissa Ramirez, MIT Press, shared an update
    PostedSunday, February 23, 2020 at 8:17 PM
    A new book:
    "The Alchemy of Us" examines 8 inventions and reveals how they shaped the human experience. Readers will see how seemingly innocuous inventions such as the telegraph, the light bulb, and the computer changed language, our sleeping patterns, and even how we think. This book unpacks how materials shaped culture, chronicling each invention and its consequences—intended and unintended. 
    Available April 7th. Preorders are open now.
    The Alchemy of Us
    In the bestselling tradition of Stuff Matters and The Disappearing Spoon: a clever and engaging look at materials, the innovations they made possible, and how these technologies changed us. In The Alchemy of Us, scientist and science ...
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