In Memoriam -- Joseph H. Wujek, P.E.

Joseph H. Wujek, P.E., (deceased) was a lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of California at Berkeley. He had taught courses in circuit analysis, design, and instrumentation and was a consultant in reliability/maintainability and systems engineering.

Wujek joined the faculty at Berkeley in 1992 after 30+ years in industry with General Electric Corp., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Bechtel, and Apple Computer. He held his B.S. in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley, and his M.S.E.E. from San Jose State University, and was a registered engineer in control systems (California). He was also a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and of three IEEE groups: Education Society, Reliability Society, and Society on Social Implications of Technology. Wujek served in several volunteer positions with the IEEE: Counselor, IEEE Student Branch at UC Berkeley; Member of the Aerospace Policy Committee; Resource Member and national speaker on ethics and other subjects for the Student Professional Awareness Committee; Student Activities Committee Chair of the Oakland Eastbay (CA) Section; and member of AdCom of the Society on Social Implications of Technology.

Wujek served on the IEEE Ethics Committee; as member (1989-93), and as Chair (1992-3), and had been a Resource Member since 1995. With Deborah Johnson he co-authored the ethics lecture notes, "How To Be a Good Engineer."

Wujek wrote the column "Living Ethics" for alternate issues of IEEE Technology and Society Magazine. In 1990 he received an IEEE Professional Leadership Award for work as an educator in engineering ethics, and was a participant in an Ethics Roundtable, "Doing the Right Thing," reported in IEEE Spectrum, December 1996.

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