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  • Taking a Product to Market


    software engineering, sales, corporate responsibility, computer science

    A software engineer has concerns about a recommender system his firm is designing to sell to health and life insurance companies. In a meeting with the sales team leader, he brings up these concerns and argues for extending their development timelines to address them. The sales manager, however, wants to hit the market with their product as soon as possible.

    Author(s) Dalton George Jason Ludwig
    Year 2017
  • Sensitive Health Data and Privacy


    privacy, corporate responsibility, data security

    A tech company contracts Luminia, a healthcare information firm, to design an employee wellness program. The President of Luminia recommends that the company implement a secure messaging platform to protect employee’s private health information (PHI). The company’s vice president, however, thinks that the platform is too expensive and that the extra protection is unnecessary.

    Author(s) Jason Ludwig Dalton George
    Year 2017
  • An Algorithm Discriminates


    software, discrimination, computer science

    A software developer designs a software that screens the résumés of candidates applying for a job at her company. She later discovers that the software may be having a disparate impact on minority communities. She brings the issue up with her boss, who is reluctant to change the software.

    Author(s) Jason Ludwig Kendall Darfler
    Year 2017
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