Kristin Boudreau
Kristin Boudreau
Paris Fletcher Distinguished Professor of Humanities; Head, Department of Humanities & Arts Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Joined OEC on 04/07/2016
For many years my teaching and scholarship focused on nineteenth-century American literature. Since joining the faculty of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, my work has focused on two broad themes: community engagement around reading, history, cultural development and social justice; and transforming engineering education by contextualizing engineering challenges in their historical, cultural, geographic and political settings. In this capacity I have been involved in WPI’s activities as a new member of the Kern Engineering Entrepreneurial Network (KEEN) of engineering institutions. Recent publications in this field include “To See the World Anew: Learning Engineering Through a Humanistic Lens” in Engineering Studies 2015 and “A Game-Based Approach to Information Literacy and Engineering in Context” (with Laura Robinson) in Proceedings of the Frontiers in Education Conference 2015. Along with colleagues at WPI in engineering and the humanities, I am currently teaching the engineering classroom game cited by the National Academy of Engineering (“Humanitarian Engineering Past and Present: Worcester’s Sewage Problem at the Turn of the Twentieth Century”). This course is a prototype for future problem-based classroom games I plan to develop with students and colleagues.
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