National Society of Professional Engineers Professional Society
1420 King St. Alexandria VA 22314 United States
Phone 1703-684-2800
Main Contacts
Arthur Schwartz Executive Director (NAFE), and Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel (NSPE)
NSPE was established in 1934 to create an inclusive, nontechnical organization dedicated to the interests of licensed professional engineers, regardless of practice area, that would protect engineers and the public from unqualified practitioners, build public recognition for the profession, and stand against unethical practices and inadequate compensation. In 1946, NSPE released the Canons of Ethics for Engineers and Rules of Professional Conduct, which became the current NSPE Code of Ethics, adopted in 1964. In 1954, NSPE created the Board of Ethical Review to provide interpretations of how the Canons and Rules would apply to specific circumstances. The BER's approximately 500 advisory opinions have helped bring clarity to the ethical issues engineers face daily.