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Instructor's Guide to Prepare Research Group Leaders as RCR Mentors



Author(s) Michael Kalichman Dena Plemmons
Year 2016

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Table of Contents
Agenda 1
Table of Contents 2
Introduction and Overview  3
   Description and Learning Objectives 3
   Instructors 4
   What is Research Ethics? 5
   Why teach Research Ethics? 7
   Mentoring in the Research Environment 8
Approaches  10
   Codes of Conduct 10
   Checklists 12
   Cases  15
   Individual Development Plans / Agreements 19
   Group Policies  22
Assessment and Next Steps 24
   Assessment 24
   Next Steps 28
Recommended Resources 30
   Contents 30
   Selected Resources: By Topic 31
   General Resources 36
   Other Approaches for Ethics in Context 41
Sample Evaluation 42
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