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Sometimes referred to as micro ethics, these topics concern the interactions and individual actions of scientists and engineers in their research and practice, and cover responsible conduct of research.

Research and Practice
  • Animal Use 54
  • Bias in Research 22
  • Collaboration 128
    • Interdisciplinary Research 7
    • International Collaboration 6
  • Community and Participatory Research 32
  • Confidentiality 73
  • Conflict of Interest 94
  • Data Management 110
  • Diversity 37
    • Discrimination in the Workplace 11
    • Diversity in Research Design and Practice 8
  • Expert Witness 7
  • Grant Management 14
  • Human Subjects Research 134
    • Informed Consent 53
    • Institutional Review Boards 21
    • Vulnerable Populations 34
  • Intellectual Property and Patents 54
    • Industrial Espionage 1
    • Trade Secrets 2
  • Mentors and Trainees 133
  • Organizational Climate 31
  • Publication Ethics 134
    • Authorship 90
    • Peer Review 23
  • Reproducibility 17
  • Research Misconduct 64
    • Fabrication 12
    • Falsification 12
    • Handling Misconduct Allegations 13
    • Plagiarism 19
  • Safety 163
    • Lab and Workplace Safety 34
    • Product Liability 26
    • Public Health and Safety 83
  • Whistleblowing 31
  • Workplace Ethics 135
    • Bidding Process 11
    • Bribery and Extortion 13
    • Community Relations 10
    • Employer/Employee Relationships 59
    • Engineer/Client Relationships 48
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    Ethical Engineering/Fair Trade

    This is an open-ended scenario for discussion based on a case from the NSPE Board of Ethical Review. An engineer is requested to participate in a joint venture for the same project with two competing firms. Students are asked to consider how this situation should be handled professionally and ethically.

    Authoring Institution Online Ethics Center
    Year 1999



    This bibliography covers a number of legal issues that arrise in engineering. It includes subsections on Animal Subjects, The Bidding Process, Bribery and Extortion, Accessible Design, Environmental Laws, Expert Witnesses, Intellectual Property & Patents, Human Subjects in Research, Product Liability, Public Safety, and Standards.

    Author(s) Kelly Laas
    Year 2011



    An annotated list of relevant references for engineers in a variety of settings. Includes subsections on Academia, Corporate Environments, Government Agencies, Military, Non-Profit Organizations, International Organizations, Consulting and Bidding, Engineer/Client Relationships and Whistleblowing.

    Author(s) Kelly Laas



    This Ethics Case Study and Commentary were written by Michael McFarland, S.J. during his time at Markulla Center for Applied Ethics in June of 2012. It includes a case plus a full Tutoriial on Ethical Decision Making as well as information on the Foundations of Ethical Judgement, Ethical Conflict, Ethical Reasoning, Derived Sources of Ethical Wisdom, and Responsibility.
    Author(s) Michael McFarland, S.J.
    Contributor(s) Michael McFarland, S.J.
    Year 2012
    The Use of Work from an Unpaid Consultation (adapted from NSPE Case No. 77-5)



    Ethical Engineering/Fair Trade

    This case covers the pursuit of a contract and use of a study authored by a competing firm. It raises questions about the limits that are required in order to keep competition for a contract fair. This is an open-ended scenario for discussion based on a case from the NSPE Board of Ethical Review.

    Authoring Institution Online Ethics Center
    Year 1999



    A company underestimates the costs for detail design of a city's water supply system. Later, errors are discovered in the initial costs submitted to the city. Ethical issues arise due to this mistake and are complicated by the various circumstances discussed in the study. Suitable for courses in construction, project management, engineering economics, and general introductory, levels 1-4.

    Author(s) Joseph H. Wujek
    Authoring Institution Zachry Department of Civil Engineering-TAMU Ethics
    Year 1995



    Workplace ethics includes ethical issues and questions that professionals, researchers – and anyone working in an organization – may encounter. This includes issues that can arise between supervisors and employees, professionals and clients, and between companies and the public.  ...

    Author(s) Kelly Laas
    Authoring Institution Online Ethics Center
    Year 2016
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