Ethics and Society

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Sometimes referred to as macro ethics, these are broad ethical and social issues in engineering and science that call for the collective social responsibility of the science and engineering professions and societal decisions about research, practice, and technology.

Ethics and Society
  • Catastrophes, Hazards, Disasters 31
  • Communicating Science & Engineering 69
  • Controversies 100
    • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 7
    • Big Data 23
    • Climate Change 22
    • Cloning 3
    • Dual Use Research 11
    • Embryo Research 8
    • Energy 13
    • Geoengineering 5
    • Human Enhancement 18
    • Human Migration 5
    • Military and Defense Research 12
    • Stem Cell Research 1
  • Corruption 8
  • Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity 41
  • Emerging technologies 52
  • Environmental Justice 46
  • Governance 38
  • Human Rights 43
  • Law and Public Policy 48
  • Privacy and Surveillance 53
  • Public and Community Engagement 48
  • Public Well-being 102
  • Responsible Innovation 54
  • Risk 76
  • Security 38
    • Biosafety/Biosecurity 7
    • Dual Use 7
  • Social and Political Conflict 20
  • Social Justice 50
  • Social Responsibility 109
    • Corporate Social Responsibility 10
  • Sustainability 88
    • Economic 3
    • Environmental 33
    • Social 12
    • Sustainable Development 18
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  • ISBN978-0-309-29334-1



    Emerging and Readily Available Technologies and National Security is a study on the ethical, legal, and societal issues relating to the research on, development of, and use of rapidly changing technologies with low barriers of entry that have potential military application, such as information ...
    Authoring Institution The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
    Year 2014
  • Applied and Anticipatory Ethics: Research in Engineering and Information Computer Technology Ethics


    Anticipatory Ethics; Applied Ethics; Interdisciplinary Ethics; Technology Ethics; Engineering Ethics; Anticipatory Engineering Ethics; Engineering and Science Ethics; Anticipatory Engineering and Science Ethics; Business Ethics; Anticipatory Business Ethics; Informational Computer Technology and Business Ethics; Computer Science Ethics; Anticipatory Computer Science Ethics; Information Computer Technology Ethics; Anticipatory Information Computer Technology Ethics; Cyber Security Ethics; Anticipatory Cyber Security Ethics; Medical Ethics; Information and Computer Technology Ethics; Anticipatory Medical Ethics; Interdisciplinary Ethics; Anticipatory Interdisciplinary Ethics; Ethics of Business and Engineering; Anticipatory Ethics of Business and Engineering; Ethics of Medicine and Business; Anticipatory Ethics of Medicine and Business; Ethics of Medicine and Engineering; Anticipatory Ethics of Medicine and Engineering; Ethics of ICT and Medicine; Anticipatory Ethics of ICT and Medicine; Law and Ethics of Technology.

    This project presents the work of the project lead, his co-author, and his students with the explicit goal of performing an exploratory analysis that involves applying ethical principles, codes of ethics, and at times legal distinctions to several case studies. The work presented here is meant to be studied, critiqued, and developed into further research.

  • Added12/13/2016


    Robotics is a branch of science and engineering that develops particular kinds of automated machines for a very wide variety of purposes. The fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science are most directly involved with the design, construction, operation, and ...

    Author(s) Rachelle Hollander
    Authoring Institution Online Ethics Center
    Year 2016
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