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    This case involves a civil engineer working for a small municipality faced with a common development dilemma -- how to remain economically viable in order to control growth and avoid merger with neighboring municipalities. The engineer is asked to evaluate development strategies and recommend a course of action to the town council. Town A has turned its downtown into an antique mall, and is focusing on the redevelopment of brownfield areas. Town B has implemented progressive growth management policies, and is pursuing aggressive annexation and industrial recruitment. The engineer must consider the social, economic, and political motivations, as well as environmental and geographical factors, which led to these radically different plans. Deena Murphy-Medley, North Carolina State University, Joseph R. Herkert, North Carolina State University, and Thomas Martin Wiggins, North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

    Author(s) Deena Murphy-Medley T. Martin Wiggins Joseph Herkert
    Year 2001
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    This case examines the 1984 catastrophe arising from a chemical leak at a Union Carbide Corporation plant in Bhopal, India, which resulted in the death of as many as 3,000 and injury to thousands more, from the standpoint of exporting risk from industrialized to developing countries. The case, which includes comparisons with Bhopal's sister plant in Institute, West Virginia, considers the moral responsibility for preventing such tragedies on the part of multinational corporations, the governments of the industrialized nations where they are head quartered, and the governments of developing countries where they operate. The moral responsibilities of engineers and scientists working for these organizations are also considered. Deena Murphy-Medley, North Carolina State University.

    Author(s) Deena Murphy-Medley
    Year 2001
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