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Intellectual Property

Scientists Charged With Sharing Secret Research With Chinese Competitors

This article appeared on May 20, 2013 in Inside Higher Ed. "Three New York University scientists were charged Monday in connection with a conspiracy to accept payments from competing research entities in China in exchange for providing proprietary information about research funded by a National Institutes of Health grant..."

Employment and Legal Issues

This section contains materials that address two different concerns:

1. Ethical topics and dilemmas in the workplace including practical advice for employees and managers.

2. The intersection of ethics and the law, and legal issues of interest to engineers and scientists. Note that the Online Ethics Center is not a source of legal advice, but does include articles and cases that explore legal topics such as privacy, intellectual property, and financial impropriety.

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  • Essays, articles, and student projects related to legal concerns and ethics in the workplace.
  • A variety of other resources related to legal issues in the engineering workforce.
  • Cases, scenarios and role plays, some with commentary, focusing on focusing on ethical dilemmas of the workplace. These cases are housed in our Case Database, but are included here for an easier topical search.