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The top 10 emerging technologies for 2012 - A list of some of the  technology trends that will "have the greatest impact on the state of the world in the near future."

Emerging Technologies

This section of the OEC contains cases, essays, ethical guidelines, and other materials bearing on the specific ethical issues arising from numerous emerging technologies. It addresses the professional responsibilities of engineers and scientists ranging over numerous fields.

The materials themselves vary significantly in structure. Some are discussion cases that present open-ended situations requiring a response. Some are descriptions of completed actions. Some of these are actual cases such as the David LaMacchia case or Therac-25 case. Many cases are at least loosely based on real incidents, in order to give a realistic impression of the moral problems that face engineers and scientists.

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  • This section contains resources specific to new technologies and emerging risks including identification, assessment, management, and communication.
  • A variety of other resources and links related to ethics in the development and use of new technologies.
  • Sections with information about ethics in specific emerging fields such as synthetic biology, military technology, nanotech and information technologies.
  • Essays, articles, and student projects concerning the use and development of new technologies.
  • Cases, scenarios and role plays, some with commentary, focusing on issues surrounding the development of new technology. These cases are housed in our Case Database, but are included here for an easier topical search.