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Social (in)justice, Disparities in Covid-19 Health Care Delivery [Webinar]

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Panel Series: Engineering Solutions for the Next Pandemic: Exploring Ethics Concerns

In collaboration with the American Association of Engineering Education (ASEE) Ethics Division, and the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE), the National Academy of Engineering Online Ethics Center (OEC) is hosting a series of panel discussions on “Engineering Solutions for the Next Pandemic: Exploring Ethics Concerns.” We’ll explore how engineers might prepare for future pandemics, through new engineering solutions developed with the insight and knowledge gained during this current crisis. What will it take to develop future solutions that adhere to fundamental principles and codes of engineering ethics? What can we learn from this situation that can inform engineering education?
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Racial and social-economic dynamics lack of access to the internet where teaching online is presumed as a way to continue education. Could engineers have seen this coming? Do engineers have a role to play in avoiding the stark social and racial disparities of pandemics such as Covid-19? In anticipation of future pandemics, what engineering solutions might be brought to bear to address and prevent these kinds of discrepancies, and the associated injustices, for Black, Hispanic and Indigenous Americans? Some would argue for the importance of engaging vulnerable communities in engineering solutions. And that the history of socio-technical systems ought to inform engineering solutions.

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Cato T. Laurencin
University of Connecticut

Paloma Beamer
University of Arizona

Karletta Chief
Associate Professor & Extension Specialist, University of Arizona, Tucson

Lisa M. Lee
Virginia Tech

Monica Peek
Associate Professor of Medicine, Section of General Internal Medicine; Director of Research, MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics; Associate Director, Chicago Center for Diabetes Translational Research; The University of Chicago