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Michael Pritchard Professor; Co-Director of The Ethics Center Western Michigan University
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Created August 14, 2009
Ethics in the Science Classroom: An Instructional Guide for Secondary School Science Teachers


Author(s) Theodore Goldfarb Michael Pritchard

Author(s):  Michael S. Pritchard, Department of Philosophy, Western Michigan University & Theodore Goldfarb, Department of Chemistry, State University of New York at Stony Brook

NOTE: This contribution appeared as a featured resource in the online and printed issues of ENC Focus: A Magazine for Classroom Innovators Vol. 8 no.3, published by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education-ENC.

Contributor(s) Michael Pritchard
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Year 1999
Issue 3
Volume 8
Authoring Institution Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education-ENC
Secondary Title ENC Focus: A Magazine for Classroom Innovators
Publisher National Academy of Engineering, Online Ethics Center
Publisher provided Keywords Instructional Methods Pedagogical Materials SCIENCE
Language English
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Case Study 6: Love Canal
Case Study 6 of six cases presented during a Summer Institute instructional program discusses individual, corporate and governmental responses to environmental and ecological concerns.
  • Added03/26/2010

    This bibliography includes examples of different ways instructors have used case studies to introduce ethical topics to their students and resources for finding cases and incorporating them into the classroom.

    Year 2010
  • Added08/23/2006

    In this essay, Dr. Whitbeck outlines an 'agent-centered' approach to learning ethics. The central aim is to prepare students to act wisely and responsibly when faced with moral problems. She provides a number of examples and cases with descriptions of questions and directions for promoting student participation and stimulating thought and discussion.

    Year 1995
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    This is a syllabus for an eight-week graduate course taught by Kenneth D. Pimple for students in the physical, life, and social sciences in the responsible conduct of research. The syllabus includes a class schedule and readings, and descriptions of class exercises and oral presenatations. Also includes a bibliography of readings for class, of which many are available online.

    Resource Added09/30/2009

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    Syllabus of an Ethics in Science class for the fall 2009 semester. Class developed and taught by Dr. Adam Briggle, Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies, University of North Texas. The course explores the ethical and policy dimensions of scientific research, addressing issues such as research integrity, peer review, authorship status, issues of trustworthiness, human subjects and animals, as well as the policy context of science, including science for policy, societal impact criteria and policy for science. This is an undergraduate level course.

    Resource Added09/18/2009

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