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Roger Boisjoly-The Challenger Disaster



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Year 1987
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Inform Media

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NASA once again wanted the seal task force team to soften the urgency of the O-ring problem. If the word leaked that there existed a major malfunction in the solid rocket booster, Congress would likely lose even more faith in the Shuttle program. No cold weather launches were scheduled for the near future. Should Boisjoly continue to listen to NASA and play down the importance of the problem? Which of the following are good things to do in this situation?

Answer: Inform media.

The members of the media are like the rest of humanity. They may or may not share your concerns about safety. They may be mainly interested in selling newspapers. Case histories of some whistleblowers show that the reporter whom they consulted pursued the matter in a way that obstructed rather than furthered the engineer's efforts to remedy the safety problem. It is prudent to find out about the purposes and methods of the reporters whom you are considering approaching.

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