The organization of the Topics section is similar to the organization that was present in the previous version of the Online Ethics Center.  Some resources have been moved, but in general, there are links to all relevant information.  You will notice that "Education" has been moved from underneath the "Topics" section and now has a separate heading which can be reached directly from the top navigation.  The "Diversity" section has also been moved from under "Employment and Legal Issues" and now constitutes its own section.

  • Environment, Safety & Sustainability

    Essays and articles, cases, guidelines, and reference materials related to environmental issues, sustainability, climate, energy, and safety concerns.

  • Professional Practice

    An extensive section with a large number of essays and articles, as well as sets of cases, and discussions bearing on the various professional responsibilities of engineers.

  • Employment and Legal Issues

    Cases, essays, and reference materials that address ethical issues for employees, managers, and organizations. There are also resources for considering the intersection of ethics and the law.

  • Responsible Research

    This section reflects the Online Ethics Center's long commitment to furthering knowledge and discussion of research responsibilities both individual and social. It contains cases, discussions, guidelines, and regulations bearing on (1) the responsible conduct of research (RCR), including both issues of research integrity and issues of the treatment of the research subject; and (2) researchers' social responsibility, including for the implications of their work and for engaging and communicating with the public. Research conditions described in the cases, scenarios, and dramatic readings range over a variety of disciplines, from engineering and computer science, the physical, life, and social sciences to medicine.

  • Emerging Technologies

    Material addressing the specific ethical issues arising from numerous emerging technologies. The section includes cases, essays, sections on specific types of new technology, and other resources.

  • Diversity Issues

    These resources relate to diversity issues both in the workplace and in academia. Cases and essays are included along with a section of links to professional societies for under-represented groups.

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Useful Links
  • Ethics Community

    Biographies of administrators and faculty at academic institutions, as well as persons in business and industry and at non-profit organizations with careers involving science, engineering, technology, ethics, and society.

  • Cases and Scenarios

    Contains all of the cases and scenarios available in the Online Ethics Center for use in classes, seminars, or research.