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  • Teaching GeoEthics Across the Geoscience Curriculum

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    This module has been developed to meet the need of introducing ethics education into the geoscience curriculum. It is hosted by the Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College.

  • TEST - Teach Early Safety Testing

    (Web Page on this Site) Lesson Plan

    Curriculum materials to encourage the integration of safety into design for the undergraduate engineering student. These materials were developed by Kids In Danger, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting children by improving children’s product safety.

  • An Introduction to Software Engineering Ethics

    (Web Page on Another Site) Module

    This module from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics includes a focused reading, homework assignments, case studies, classroom exercises, and notes for instructors regarding classroom use.

  • Problem Based Learning (PBL) Course Addressing "Fractious Problems" in Science and Technology

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    The included documents were course materials for an experimental, graduate-level, interdisciplinary and inter-institutional, problem-based learning (PBL) course addressing "fractious problems" in science and technology offered in fall 2009 and 2010.

  • Writing and Analyzing Ethics Cases in Business and Research Ethics

    (Web Page on Another Site) Module

    This student module by William Frey is designed to help students write and analyze ethics cases in business and research ethics. It provides a short taxonomy of ethics cases, tips on identifying and writing cases, and a four-step framework for analyzing them. It includes a useful powerpoint file with a case taxonomy, suggestions for choosing a case, and analysis framework. This module is being developed as a part of a project funded by the National Science Foundation, "Collaborative Development of Ethics Across the Curriculum Resources and Sharing of Best Practices," NSF-SES-0551779.

  • Legality vs. Ethicality in Software Testing: A Module for Classroom Exercises

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    A classroom module that will "involve students by employing impromptu theatrics in arguing courses of action in a fictitious and credible scenario" involving the core issue of legality vs. ethicality in software testing.

  • Group Mentoring in Responsible Research

    (Resource Collection)

    A modular sequence of materials on the responsible conduct of research that support a series of activities for student-faculty learning. These materials for the exploration of issues in the responsible conduct of research among students, faculty, postdoctoral fellows and research staff are being greatly expanded under a grant from NIH/PHS (#T15 AI07592). Included here are discussion and interview questions, readings, and applicable policies and standards, including new Federal Policy on Research Misconduct and misconduct definition, and a growing collection of original scenarios that present ethical problems common in research.

  • Ethics and the Engineer as Expert Witness: A Module for Classroom Exercises

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    A classroom education module dealing with the ethical issues surrounding testifying as an expert witness. To quote the abstract: "The training, perspective, and motives of the engineer and of the lawyer differ in many respects. In these classroom exercises we explore these differences as manifested in the engineer serving as an expert witness in US courts of law."

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