Teaching Tools

This page includes resources specifically relevant to ethics instruction.  You will find many more links to guides and advice, essays on ethics instruction, mentoring and pre-college materials under our Education tab.

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  • Exercises and Assignments

    (Resource Collection)

    Includes classroom exercises and take-home assignments for teaching ethical principles.

  • Modules

    (Resource Collection)

    Sets of classroom exercises, instructions and resources for teaching various aspects of ethics in engineering and science.

  • Syllabi

    (Resource Collection)

    This collection includes syllabi from a variety of courses covering professional ethics at many different universities.

  • Additional Instructional Resources

    (Resource Collection)

    Includes other resources and links relevant to ethics instruction.

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Useful Links
  • Ethics Across the Curriculum Toolkit

    Modeled upon the practice of open source code development, the EAC (ethics across the curriculum) Toolkit has established an online environment that enables the sharing of best practices in ethics instruction. Working on Connexion courseware and its online platform, the Toolkit facilitates integrated access, collaborative creation, continual improvement, and interactive dissemination of EAC resources and instructional best practices.

  • Bibliographies

    This section contains annotated bibliographies on relevant topics as well as links to online libraries related to ethics in science and engineering

  • Glossary

    The OEC Glossary contains useful definitions for a variety of the terms commonly used on the website and within engineering and science ethics literature.

  • Ethics CORE Engineering Ethics Instructors Group

    This online community is just for individuals who teach engineering ethics. The group is part of Ethics CORE, the National Professional and Research Ethics Portal, and is managed by Michael Loui and Steve Starrett.