M.I.T. "The Tech" Student Newspaper Articles

Various articles from the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology "Tech" student newspaper covering various aspects of the United States vs. David LaMacchia.

  • Software Piracy A Serious Crime

    An editorial about the serious nature of software piracy and effects the eventual ruling will have on the internet and file-sharing.

  • LaMacchia Will Be Arraigned Friday

    An article about the indictment and arraignment of LaMacchia, along with details on how MIT officials discovered the file-sharing network.

  • LaMacchia Case Raises Legal Questions of Fraud

    Second of a two part article about the legal implications of this trial and the free speech issues that arise when prosecuting a crime of this nature.

  • Piracy Case May Set Precedent

    First part of a two part article discussing the details of the file-sharing network as well as the strong possibility that this case will set a precedence for these types of crimes.

  • Student Indicted on Piracy Charges

    An article about the initial discovery of LaMacchia's file-sharing network, the estimated financial losses by the computer industry because of that network and the possibility of disciplinary action taken against LaMacchia by MIT officials.

  • Trial Dates Set in LaMacchia Case

    An article about LaMacchia's indictment and the split within the tech community on whether file-sharing is illegal and whether or not it should be punishable by fines and jail time.

  • Government Will Not Appeal Case

    An article about the governments decision not to appeal a federal judges ruling on the LaMacchia case and about the need for legislative revision to create more severe laws against software piracy.

  • David LaMacchia cleared; Case Raises Civil Liberties Issues

    An article about the dismissal of the government's case against LaMacchia, along with the future implications of the decision and the governments attempt to change legislation in order to broaden the laws dealing with copyright infringement.

  • LaMacchia Case Raises Larger Questions

    An article about the dismissal of the case against LaMacchia, possible disciplinary action taken against him by MIT and the amount of electronic privacy MIT students and faculty have.

  • Judge Dismisses Case against LaMacchia

    An article about the dismissal of the governments case against LaMacchia and the international implications of this decision.

  • Government Opposes Motion to Dismiss LaMacchia Case

    An article about the governments opposition to LaMacchia's motion to dismiss the case and their explanation as to why the Dowling case doesn't apply in this situation.

  • Judge Considering LaMacchia Motion

    An article discussing the District Court Judge's consideration of LaMacchia's motion to dismiss the case against him.

  • Lawyers File Pre-Trial Motion to Dismiss LaMacchia Case

    An article outlining the facts of the case and detailing the pre-trial motion to dismiss introduced by the defendant (LaMacchia).

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