Free Air Travel Tickets

The company sends an employee to a computer conference that is attended by over 2,000 persons. Conference attendees are invited to participate in a drawing for several door prizes. Your company employee wins two round-trip airline tickets to any destination in the United States. What should the employee do with the tickets?


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  • Free Air Travel Tickets: Answer A

    Since it is obvious they are worth more than the $20 gift acceptance limitation in the company code of ethics, they should not be accepted.

  • Free Air Travel Tickets: Answer B

    Since the employee was traveling on company business, she should turn the tickets in to the travel office so that the company can use them for business travel.

  • Free Air Travel Tickets: Answer C

    Since the conference was attended by a number of companies with all attendees having an equal chance to win, use the tickets to take her spouse to Hawaii on vacation.

  • Free Air Travel Tickets: Answer D

    She should try to get the airline to write the ticket in her brother-in-law's name so that they can't be traced back to her.

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