Section II - Incorporating Ethics in Classroom Science Lesson Plans

  • AuthorMichael S. Pritchard
  • TitleSection II - Incorporating Ethics in Classroom Science Lesson Plans

Author(s): Michael S. Pritchard, Department of Philosophy, Western Michigan University & Theodore Goldfarb, Department of Chemistry, State University of New York at Stony Brook 
From: Ethics in the Science Classroom: An Instructional Guide for Secondary School Science Teachers

This section of Ethics in the Science Classroom provides assistance with building ethics into pre-college lesson plans. Part I describes how to create lesson plans, Part II offers model lesson plans, and Part III contains resources for class preparation.

  • Part 1-Creating Your Own Ethics-in-Science Lessons Instructional guide for secondary school science teachers with model lessons forc classroom use. These lessons and models will assist teachers who wish to integrate ethics and values into their pre-college science classes.
  • Part 2-Model Classroom Lessons This section contains 23 lessons designed for classroom use. They are all edited or revised versions of lessons created by teachers who took part in a summer ethics institute. These lessons cover a wide range of topics and grade-levels.
  • Part 3-Resources Resources for preparation for use in classes that integrate ethics and values into the teaching of science, including websites,videos, books and articles.
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