Mini-cases from Lockheed Martin Corporation

Twenty-eight mini-cases from "Graymatters," a game from Lockheed Martin Corporation, used with permission. The game was designed to educate the employees of Lockheed Martin (and other high tech corporations that have adopted the game) about ethical norms, corporate support for coping with ethically significant problems, and corporate policy.

Each mini-case is accompanied by four candidate answers. Each of these answers has a score between -20 and +15 and a brief explanation. In some places discussion and commentary (identified as to author) have been added to on Lockheed Martin's answers and scores. Additional comments are especially where the stated explanation of a score something like "It is against company policy." (The authors of any added comments are identified.)

Suspected Dishonesty of Co-Workers toward the Company

What Can or Should a Supervisor Do or Require of Others?

Intellectual Property

Questions of Bribes or Conflict of Interest

Complaints and whistle-blowing

Workplace relationships & Supervisor responsibilities

Family and Life Outside of Work

These twenty-eight cases were selected from the original one hundred to give a sense of the breadth of ethical matters on which an ethically pro-active high tech company seeks to educate its employees, and to minimize overlap with topics addressed in Advice from the Texas Instruments Ethics Office contained in the Center. (Where Lockheed Martin and Texas Instruments address the same questions they endorse substantially the same norms.)

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