In this section of the OEC you can find information about persons currently involved in OEC and CEES activities, including those engaged in the project to enhance and expand the OEC, and the current members of the CEES Advisory Group. You will also find the Ethics Community, which lists these collaborators and other people with expertise in ethical issues involving science and engineering. This section of the OEC also includes the Forum, which houses questions from users of the site with answers from members of our OEC Community - feel free to submit your own questions or suggestions to us in the Forum.  As the OEC enhancement project continues, we expect to add information about ethics activities at the National Academies and other sources. As interactive features are added to improve users' experiences on the site, we will work particularly to make the OEC community more interactive and connected to site content.


  • A moderated space for general informal comments, questions, and answers.
  • Biographies of administrators and faculty at academic institutions, as well as persons in business and industry and at non-profit organizations with careers involving science, engineering, technology, ethics, and society.
  • This section contains links to upcoming conferences, meetings, and other opportunities relevant to OEC visitors.
  • Occasionally CEES will enlist a group of experts for advice on a specific project or projects. These advisers help to lead and shape the outcome of numerous activities within CEES and on the Online Ethics Center.

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