Much of the content of the Online Ethics Center can be found in this section, where you can browse our extensive collection of ethics resources by category.  In addition to the resources found here, you may enjoy browsing the numerous essays and articles found under the Topics and Education sections.  The Education section also contains a sub-section on Mentoring and a collection of Pre-College Materials.


  • Cases and Scenarios

    Contains all of the cases and scenarios available in the Online Ethics Center for use in classes, seminars, or research.

  • Bibliographies

    This section contains annotated bibliographies on relevant topics as well as links to online libraries related to ethics in science and engineering

  • Teaching Tools

    This page includes resources specifically relevant to ethics instruction. You will find Exercises and Assignments, Modules, and Syllabi as well as a collection of other instructional resources. Essays, guides and advice for ethics instruction can be found directly under the Education tab.

  • Institutional Programs

    Includes reports and information about campus- and university-wide programs of ethics education for undergraduate and graduate students and for post-doctoral fellows in science and engineering.

  • Evaluation Tools

    A set of tools and essays for evaluating the effectiveness of ethics education programs.

  • Ethics Codes and Guidelines

    Includes guidelines and codes of ethics from scientific and engineering professional societies from several countries, as well as essays on the topic. Some are available in Spanish.

  • Other Links

    Includes useful links to other ethics-related organizations outside of the Online Ethics Center.

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Need a Definition?
  • Glossary

    The OEC Glossary contains useful definitions for a variety of the terms commonly used on the website and within engineering and science ethics literature.