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  • Biodiversity Case Study 2: Conservation in the Amazon


    In this case, Armando, a Brazilian Federal Senator with a BS and MS in Biology, must confront ethical dilemmas concerning the Amazon forest. Topics for consideration include: 1) the biodiversity and ecosystem services associated with the forest, 2) the social and economic issues surrounding deforestation, and the 3) options available to Armando as he makes his recommendation on how to use the US funds. Finally, we will explore the role of Maria as a science advisor and address her responsibilities, as well as her mistake in addressing the press.

    Author(s) Michelle Sullivan
    Contributor(s) Michelle Sullivan Karin Ellison Joseph R. Herkert
    Year 2016
  • Big Data Case Study:  Big Data & Conservation Biology


    An amateur birdwatcher contributes to eBird--a citizen science project. When conservation scientists begin tagging owls in the state park near his home and ask his neighbor for permission to conduct research on her property, he wonders whether the value of the knowledge created about endangered species through both studying migration and citizen science projects such as eBird justifies the impact these activities can have on individual birds and species.

    Author(s) Valerie Racine
    Contributor(s) Valerie Racine Karin Ellison Joseph R. Herkert
    Year 2017
  • Big Data Case Study:  Big Data & Neuroscience


    A neuroscientist studies brainwave technologies with the aim of developing brain-machine computer interfaces (BMCI) and biometric systems. In considering projects she might work on, such as developing a database system to identify individuals by EEG biosignatures or advancing the field of neuromarketing, she starts to wonder about the long-term social value of these emerging technologies.

    Author(s) Valerie Racine
    Contributor(s) Valerie Racine
    Year 2017
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