Welcome to the Online Ethics Center (OEC), an electronic repository of resources on science, engineering, and research ethics, for engineers, scientists, scholars, educators, students, and interested citizens. The Center for Engineering, Ethics and Society (CEES) at the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) manages the OEC.  CEES aims to focus the talents of the nation on addressing the ethical and social dimensions of engineering, as both a profession and an agent of innovation. CEES and the OEC have benefited through generous grants from the National Science Foundation and support from NAE members, in particular Harry E. Bovay Jr. You can read more about the history of the OEC in the About section.


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    E4U NAE Video Competition

    Engineering creations serve the welfare of humanity and the needs of society. In the last 50 years alone, such achievements include helping to land astronauts on the moon, creating the Internet, and decoding the human genome. The future of engineering is boundless. We will be astonished by what happens in the next 50 years!

    To celebrate its 50th Anniversary, the NAE is offering a $25,000 prize for the most inspiring one-to-two minute video focused anywhere in the time period from 1964-2064 showing how engineering innovations advance human welfare and address societal needs.

    So, rev up your creativity, pull out your camera, phone or anything else that records video, and get started!

    Find out more!